Monday, November 8, 2010

Little Guy - Entertaining the Family

Another great Little Guy update from his family!

Hi everyone,
We adopted Little Guy in late August and we just wanna update you as how well he is doing!!
He is about 15 lbs now and his vet thought he was so gorgeous that she actually kissed the top of his head!!
He is happy and healthy, even with his FIV!!
He and our dog, Veda, a 70 lb. Golden, love to play hide and seek and catch the fluffy tail as it wags and wags. They run through the house daily in playful 'catch me if you can'.
My children find it hysterical that Little Guy loves to watch TV. Especially bird shows on TPT and Beatrix Potter cartoons about bunnies and kittens.
He sits right in front of our big window and watches the bird feeder and jumps at anything that comes near.
He is a wonderful addition to our family.
Thanks again for allowing us to bring him home with us!!
The A. Family

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