Friday, November 12, 2010

New Friends in their New Home, Billy Bob and Rowdy

Billy Bob and Rowdy are two Feline Rescue kittens who were fostered in separate foster homes but have already become great new friends in their new forever home. The following are a couple updates and a bunch of photos we've received. Both of these little guys were quite the characters in their foster homes and are keeping their new mom busy and entertained.

 Billy Bob is a little love machine, and I'm still working on getting him to wait a little later in the morning to wake me up :)

Rowdy is a little more independent and loves to play, he likes to run laps around the house! :)

The last time I forgot to mention that I changed their names - Billy Bob is now "Jameson", and Rowdy is now "Stoli"...They are quite the handful but I'm loving every minute!

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