Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Nelson!

Hello again, I wanted to send you an update on Nelson aka Chip of the Chipmunks.

Nelson celebrated his 4th birthday on June 1st. He was treated with a bit of baked chicken, a couple of treats and lots of love!

He has become very attached to what I fondly call his “Girlfriend” which is a long pastel braided piece of thick yarn. He sleeps with it, drags it everywhere around the house, and has an odd meow which accompanies him dragging the yarn about. He has 2 girl cats to play with and many other toys yet he has to have his yarn girlfriend!

Nelson is very healthy and well-adjusted. I believe this is in part due to his socialization with all the other cats he was brought up with in a loving foster home.

As I say every year, thank you for the wonderful addition to my family, thank you for his great start in life, and thanks to Feline Rescue for saving his mother so I could be the lucky woman to have Nelson in my life.


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