Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paco and Sonja Almost Ready to Go Home

Sonja and her sisters, Peggy and Dorothy, found their way to a Feline Rescue foster home after being rescued. Paco was also rescued as an orphaned kitten and joined the girls after a couple weeks.
Paco and Sonja

Peggy and Dorothy have met their family and will go home once they have had their spay surgeries. Sonja and Paco are still looking for the purrfect home and will also be ready in a couple weeks to go home once they've had their surgeries too.

These kittens are cuddly, lovey-dovey, cuties and whoever adopts them will be very lucky.

From their foster caregiver:
Paco is a sweet and gentle soul. He is playful and loving. He has a big purr and gives great kisses by rubbing his nose on mine. He will close his eyes, put his head back and purr when he is scratched on his head and neck. Paco loves to be pet.

Sonja - There's a big personality packed into her little body. Sonja likes to curl up on your shoulder or any place near your face when she is sleepy. She purrs very loudly and is really soft. Her wonderful fur will need regular brushing, though. She is very friendly and outgoing and likes to meet new people.

Sonja and Paco would be great together in a new home, but could also be separated.

If you are interested in meeting Sonja and Paco, please call 651-705-6264.

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