Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bing Clawsby and His New Canine Friend Bella

Squirt fka Bing Clawsby, one of 5 orphaned kittens rescued in August, found his forever home and now has a new best friend Bella.  Following are a couple updates from his family.

A few days after going home:
He is doing GREAT! The ride home went really well. He stayed in his box and didn't try to get out. He was shy for about an hour when I brought him home, but then he decided he would have more fun running around the house and checking the place out. He is a very outgoing & cuddly little guy. We have started to call him Squirt. Our dog absolutely loves him!!! She has taken to washing his face for him. He sits back with his eyes closed and purrs. Bing is extremely tolerant of her and really seems to enjoy playing with her. I have no doubt they will be great friends. The cats have accepted him, although they don't seem to know what to think just yet. Occasionally someone will hiss, but it always ends at that. He slept in bed with us last night. He snuggled right in next to Bella (our dog). It was very cute.

And just yesterday:

I have attached a few photos of Bing (Squirt). He is doing well and is such a happy little guy. Bella (our dog) is in love with him. They follow each other around the house and they bathe each other ... of course I can never get a photo, because they are usually laying ontop of me at bedtime - trapping me under the covers. :)

As he gets bigger, I will keep taking photos and I will periodically send a few to you. I hope that is OK.

Thank you for everything. He is a sweet, sweet little guy and I couldn't imagine life without him. He has truely made himself a member of our family. ;)


Bing's brothers and sisters, Dolly Pawton, Pawl MeowCartney, Elvis Purrsley, and Kitty Purry, are still looking for their homes.  They are just as friendly, outgoing, snuggly kitties as their brother Bing.  If you would like to meet them, please contact Joan at 651-705-6264.

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