Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catladyland Donation from Pettie Awards

Catladyland won The Pettie Award for the Funniest Blog. Dogtime Media nominated four blogs in several categories. Readers voted at its various sites for their favorite in each category. They voted Catladyland of Chisago City, Minnesota, #1 in funny pet blogging.

Jocelyn LaBerge, Feline Rescue; Snookie; Angie Bailey, Catladyland; Apricot

Angie Bailey chose Feline Rescue to receive the $1,000 Petties cash prize for her blog. She visited the adoption center October 1 with her husband, son, and son’s girl friend to present the Pettie certificate and the check to Feline Rescue. Phoebe, Cosmo, and Saffy (The Bailey family's kitties) were unable to attend. However, Angie and the Bailey family did meet current grey tabby guest Bailey. Thank you, thank you to Angie and Catladyland from all our cats – who now want to start blogging.

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