Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stefan's Kittens

Stefan came to his foster home pleasant and playful but still shy about being touched by people.  So his foster mom went out and rescued some kittens so Stefan wouldn't be lonely.  Stefan loves playing with and caring for his little charges.  And the carefree kittens have a job to do too: they are teaching Stefan that it's OK to trust people again.

Stefan is a beautiful gray/black striped tabby, 1 year old kitten who really
loves other cats (especially these 3) and still loves to play kitten games. He
is shy about being touched (though on his way to liking it) but not shy
about hanging out with people and other cats. He's really a pretty calm guy...except when in that playing mood!

Sybil is a delightful, tiny 2 month old black and white female kitten who is a major go-getter. She plays hard and naps hard, and loves her chums Stefan and brother Tommy. She is very adventurous and already has clocked in major explorations high and low. Both people-oriented and cat-oriented she is a joy to have around.

Tommy is a tiny 2 month old orange and white male kitten who has a lot of fun in life. He plays with all his chums (Stefan, Sybil and especially buddy Lord Grantham/ Bobby Crawley. Tommy acquiesces to whatever other cats want, so he will never challenge the alpha-cat (in his foster home that would be Bobby Crawley). Tommy is both cat oriented and people-oriented.

Lord Grantham (aka Bobby Crawley) is a 3 month old orange/tan kitten with a lot of energy and spunk. He throws himself into life with gusto and especially loves his little friend Tommy.

If you can give Stefan and/or his buddies a home, call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

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