Monday, September 9, 2013

Kabuki at Home

Kabuki was recently adopted from Feline Rescue's adoption center. His human mom, Barbara, wrote to tell us how he is doing!

I want to let you know that Kabuki is doing very well. He has made himself right at home. He is far more cuddly and mellow than we expected. 

Of course, he does have his rambunctious side. When he's sleeping, his face is as sweet as a lamb. We have kept his name because it is unique and so is he. He is a quieter boy but does meow occasionally. He is also confident and strong. 

We knew he needed a friend so we searched to find who we thought would be a good match for him as well as our family. We met "Petey" (now Amos), a four month old kitten, on Thursday night, adopted him and brought him home. He is also from a shelter. 

The two are adjusting easily and becoming companions. They run around the house, play with toys and love sitting in the cat perches together looking out open windows. Introducing them has been incredibly easy. The only issue is that Kabuki wants to wrestle and Amos doesn't, at least not now. It is easy to separate them. 

Lucien, our seven year old son says, "Kabuki's face looks magical and the kitten's face is cute. 

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  1. That is a super sweet story! Very happy ending!


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