Monday, October 7, 2013

Help spread the word to spay and neuter

Feline Rescue outreach volunteers kicked off our Spay-Neuter Campaign for Community Cats on Saturday. Throughout October, volunteers will be conducting an educational campaign to inform people in St. Paul about proper care of community cats and to let folks know about low-cost options to spay/neuter cats.

This friendly, unneutered, neighborhood cat volunteered to carry the door hanger with our important message home to his caretakers. (Don't worry, this guy was a willing participant: no cats were harmed.)

If you want to volunteer to help with our next literature drop in the Frogtown/Thomas-Dale area, or if you need information on spay/neuter or caring for outdoor cats, please contact

For more information on community cats and how you can help them, check out this video from Alley Cat Allies:

1 comment:

  1. Well, now, that's an excellent, creative placement of the tag! Looks to me as though this orange and white fellow is proud to wear it. Nice work!!


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