Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shy but sweet cats need a place to stay

Often the shyest cats make the sweetest companions. It just takes time.

Gus and Gladys were living outside until last winter when their elderly caretakers could no longer care for them. Feline Rescue outreach volunteers took them in, intending to get the cats spayed and neutered and relocated to a farm where they would be cared for properly. But after getting to know these two, we no longer feel that a farm is an appropriate home for them. Gus needed a lot of dental work, and now he has hardly any teeth! He needs a safe indoor place to stay, where people are willing to provide soft food that keeps him healthy.

Gus and Gladys are bonded with each other. With people, they are sweet but great big scaredy-cats.

Gus and Gladys will need a patient person who is willing to let them be themselves and come around in time. They are spayed/neutered and healthy, enjoy petting, love to eat, and are totally non-agressive. They need a place to go ASAP. If you can help provide them with a safe, comfortable room and two meals a day please call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

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