Friday, November 15, 2013

Matilda: A lap cat two years in the making

Matilda didn’t always have an easy life. Two years ago she was a stray, living outside and raising kittens until a nice person came along and got them inside to safety.  Matilda’s shy but sweet kittens Duchess and O’Malley went to our Adoption Center and easily found a home together. Matilda was too shy and scared and needed more time.

Matilda started out as one of the more combative cats we’ve had to socialize. That’s why we first saw her potential.  A cat that had never been around people wouldn't hold her ground like Matilda did. As much as she tried to act vicious, we could see through the facade. She just needed time to learn to trust people again. She was protective and afraid.

Once Matilda was inside and didn’t have to worry about protecting babies, marauding raccoons, freezing temperatures, or unexpected snowstorms, she could start the process of relaxing. Matilda loves other cats, so it helped to socialize her with other cats and kittens. She could watch them trust us and then learn to trust us herself. Matilda has had many good friends come and go since she joined us.

Today Matilda is a lap cat and total sweetheart. She can’t get enough love. Matilda also loves to play and has a great sense of humor. She is welcoming to all cats but especially loves her current pals Buddy and Maggie. Matilda is ready to find her forever home, and it would be great if she could find it with one or two of her buddies.  

For more information about Matilda call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

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