Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Thoughts

From Feline Rescue volunteer Deb:

This Thanksgiving I'm especially thankful for the 3 young cats I'm fostering. Chipmunk, Sassyfrass, and Laurel all have feline leukemia, and although lots of cats with feline leukemia lead long, healthy lives just like other cats, each day with them seems like a gift. 

Despite being positive for FeLV, two of them (Chipmunk and Sassyfrass) have no health problems at all. Laurel has cataracts in both eyes and a persistent mouth infection, so she gets a daily antibiotic, but these problems don't slow her down at all. She's just as spunky and energetic as her sisters (maybe more!).

The girls are about a year old and small for their age due to poor nutrition before they were rescued. They're not likely to grow anymore, but they've gained weight in the time they've been with me. In fact, they're rather "plump."  I tell myself, as I dish out the food, that this might be a good thing - in case their immune systems can't fight off some bug, they'll have a pound or two in reserve until they recover. 

Their fur is fluffy and thick and they're playful, mischievous, cuddly, funny and beautiful. Sassyfrass trills while she stalks toys or guards the house from the windows. Chipmunk adores being brushed. Laurel plays fetch by some convoluted, ever-changing rules only she understands. 

My foster kitties have taught me a lot about perseverance, enjoying one's "catness" and reveling in life as it comes. That's a lot to be thankful for!

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