Monday, January 13, 2014

Help spay and neuter to reduce the number of homeless cats

Seventeen fluffy little cats have now been rescued from Mama Oakley's neighborhood!  And 9 of the first 12 cats we've had spayed and neutered so far were unspayed females old enough to have kittens of their own soon! This prolific family is a perfect example of why you should help make sure ALL cats get spayed and neutered. If you are feeding an outside cat, there is a feral cat living in your neighborhood, or you notice that a cat gets left behind by a neighbor, please help make sure it gets spayed or neutered before one cat turns into 15 or so more. For assistance finding a low-cost spay/neuter option, contact our outreach volunteers at

If you are interested in adopting any of these cats or can help take in little Goldy (below) and one or more of her siblings that were trapped today, please let us know. They survived the deep freeze by sheltering under a shed, but we would love to get these little ones in from the cold! If you can foster contact Or we can always use donations so we can continue to help more cats in need.

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