Thursday, January 16, 2014

Foster Buddies

It’s fun to see friendships forged in foster care. Most cats, especially the young ones, really benefit from having a feline friend and playmate. And moving to a new home together can make the transition easier on everyone.

It was hard to find a cat with the right personality to get along with Sargent Pepper. Although he’s a sweet guy, his intensity was even testing the patience of his (normally very patient) foster people. He’s super social and high-energy but insecure all at the same time. It’s hard for Sarge to make friends, and he was lonely.

When we met little Rocky Raccoon, we could tell he had all the energy, spunk, and self-confidence he would need to be a foster brother to Sarge. If anyone was going to make friends with Sarge, this was the guy to do it.

And as soon as they met, the fun began. They wrestled and boxed and chased and pounced. Since meeting Rocky, Sarge has been having the time of his life but has also calmed down quite a bit. We often catch them sleeping next to each other and grooming each other too. 

Sarge was abandoned by his people and has been through some really tough times, living outside on his own. So we give him a break if his behavior is sometimes a little unpredictable. He’s a sweet guy and so much happier with a buddy around. Little Rocky was also mistreated and abandoned by people but is the sweetest little guy. We hope someone will want to give both boys a chance and a home together. It just seems like Sarge was meant to have a friend like Rocky. Together they are tons of fun.

For profile and information about adopting Rocky Racoon and Sargent Pepper:

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