Thursday, June 26, 2014

Libby's past year

A year ago we were still trying to track down that last cat (#67) that had been left behind on a foreclosed property without food or water.  Between the heat, hour-long drives, swarms of mosquitoes like we’d never seen before, and possums that always seemed to get in the way of our traps we all just wanted to give up. But we’d seen this orange and white cat sadly sitting on the deck, watching us come and go, long after we’d caught all of its friends. It had appeared in the middle of the night on the wildlife camera that we put out to make sure we didn’t leave anyone behind.

Late one night, just after the fourth of July, Sue and Sarah called to say that she had finally gone in the trap and they were on their way home with her. She was not too happy to be caught, but we were glad to have her.

Now named Libby, #67 joined some of her friends from the same property in our foster home. She was very scared but seemed happy to be back with her pals. She spent lots of time cuddled up with Marlin. After Libby’s friends Trix, Marlin, and Luca moved on, she bonded with other foster cats in the home. Libby gets along with anyone—so long as you are a cat!

She is getting better with people too. She loves to play with us and is especially receptive to petting at mealtime.  Even though she doesn’t seek out a lot of interaction from humans, I know that she is truly happy to be back indoors, well-fed, and among friends. Libby has had a great year in foster care. This next one will be the year to find her forever home. 

For information about adopting Libby call Molly at 651-295-3758.

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  1. what a journey - we are glad she is safe and got our paws crossed for her new forever home to appear soon


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