Monday, June 16, 2014

Why you should adopt us both together

Socks and Sadie explain: 

Youngsters like us have boundless energy and require lots of interaction. We will definitely want to interact with you A LOT. 

But we can keep each other occupied while you’re doing necessary things like sleeping and working. If we keep each other entertained, we won’t need to engage in destructive behaviors like climbing the walls or chewing on plants and stuff. (Not as much anyway.)

We will bite and wrestle—totally normal kitten behavior by the way—each other instead of people so won’t develop bad habits. Finally, as kittens, we tend to be active at night. If you have both of us, we can chase each other around instead of chasing your feet under the covers.

So you see, kittens like us that are able to stay together with a littermate or another kitten tend to be happier, healthier, better-socialized pets. And that means you will love us even more.

To find out more about sisters Socks and Sadie or to meet them in their foster home call Molly at 651-295-3758.

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