Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Patiently Waiting a VERY Long Time to be Adopted!

Standing in the grocery store's check out line that's 10 people deep. Sitting in rush hour traffic, having not moved an inch in the last 5 minutes. And waiting months on end to be adopted. These are things that are all very frustrating. Time moves so slowly in these moments.

Dusty and Bindi
These fluffy faces have been waiting for a long time to have someone fall madly in love with them. These kittens are sweet, funny, playful, and loving. The one thing that connects them is how long they've been up for adoption. Are you that special person who will give them a forever home? Here are the kittens that would love to meet you (and are patiently waiting by the phone for your call):

Bindi is a beautiful cow kitty, her black and white spots muddled like a Holstein. She's a bit shy but incredibly sweet. She wins the dubious honor of being the kitten waiting the longest for an adoption, having been posted for adoption for an entire year. Her siblings were all adopted months and months ago and poor Bindi awaits her forever home. She would love to be adopted while she's still technically a kitten (which is 18 months old). Bindi is very affectionate once she's bonded. She likes to snuggle with her friend Dusty and other cats. She's got a funny habit of "nursing" on her foster caregiver's shirt while being petted.

Bindi would like to be adopted with her friend Dusty. Dusty has been waiting a good 6 months for his adopter to find him (and his friend Bindi). He likes being carried around or laying on his people for a nap. Dusty loves looking out the window at birds. He's a very vigorous player and bulldozes in to anyone to get a moving toy.

Coriander is another kitten that is the last in his litter to be adopted. Coriander has been waiting for about 3 months. He is an outgoing and playful kitten filled with spirit.  After playing hard, he likes to curl up for a nap somewhere, preferably on a lap.

Lady M
Carrot, Lady Marmalade, and Cheddar are three orange tabbies that are just coming out of their shells. Cheddar loves to play with just about any toy but her favorites are the Cat Dancer and laser pointer. When not playing she likes to get brushed and petted. Carrot loves to be brushed and scratched on the head. He likes toys that dangle down so that he can bat at them. He also likes to burrow under rugs and sleep or play there. Lady loves to lounge by the window but gets all excited for the laser pointer or her favorite toy, the cat dancer! She also enjoys a good brushing.

Zotz watched her siblings get adopted and is patiently waiting to be adopted herself. She would love to be adopted with her surrogate mother Khaleesi. The pair make excellent playmates. If you need someone help configure your computer's firewall, Zotz is your gal. She's a computer expert. She's learned how to download music, create her own playlist, partion another user login to her foster care giver's laptop, and record her own high score on a game (not to mention actually reaching that high score). Khaleesi is the sweetest mother ever. She loves to have her nose kissed and adores being petted.

Jon Snow is a kitten filled with gumption and confidence. He's zany but loveable. He loves to sleep on the top of his cat tower with his head dangling over the edge. He walks on the wild side... when he's napping. He adores other cats.
Jon Snow

Pedro, Checkers, Mittens, along with their loving mother Edna all have the unfortunate distinction of being FIV+. FIV is nothing to fear. Pedro is a shy, quiet, mustachioed young guy.  He is sweet and playful and VERY good at taking naps.  But watch out for your socks - Pedro has an obsession! He has been known to steal socks right out of the laundry basket. Mittens is very loving - and she especially loves kids.  And watch out when her purrbox gets going!  Her purrs will shake your rafters! Checkers is very playful and curious.  She loves to explore the world around her and is very entertaining to watch.  In fact, with Checkers and a laser pointer, you may never need any other form of entertainment ever again! Edna loves to be petted and scratched under the chin. She loves all the attention from humans that she can get - she can’t wait to be in a home of her own! If you want to read more about FIV, here are some good sites:


Triss is a fearless explorer, climber of baby gates, and demander of attention on her terms. Triss may be the most beautiful kitten ever, and constantly fights against her angelic appearance. She will suffer cuddles, but then wants to get back to her kitty agenda.

Daisy is Miss Personality.  She loves everyone and likes to greet you every time you enter the room. And, she'll follow you around to get the attention she wants.  Daisy is very playful and inquisitive.
Daisy is so fun to play with and is a good snuggler at bedtime.

All of these kittens and momma cats have been waiting far too long for their turn at the adoption table. Is their forever home your home? Call Joan today at 651-705-6264.

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