Friday, September 11, 2015

Ron Howard

A little orphan kitten from White Earth came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. He was a short-haired orange tabby male, less than eight weeks old and motherless since he was 2 weeks old we were told.

He was small and stunted and not eating well. We are grateful that Feline Rescue was able to take him into their foster program.


#1: This is the kitten from RLRR. He FINALLY learned to eat on his own two minutes ago (fingers crossed). Been syringe feeding him since Thursday night. So relieved that he hit that milestone. He came with the name Donnie but I think he should be Ron Howard or Opie Taylor. This red headed boy actually has freckles on his cheeks.

#2: After days curled up in a ball, spending all day in his bed and only leaving to use the litter box, this little guy darted out the door when I went to check on him this morning. So relieved. Syringe feedings and sub-q fluids and medicine have finally made a difference. He even ate on his own! He prefers Fancy Feast. And that is what he'll get.

#3: William Blake and Ron Howard have become inseparable ever since they met a few days ago. What is it with grey & white guys being best friends with orange guys?

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