Friday, September 4, 2015

Winter's Story

Winter has lived with a colony of outdoor cats in Minneapolis for a couple of years. He was fed and cared for by a kind gentleman, who has become ill and no longer lives at home.

Winter was trapped, neutered, and returned to his colony in August of 2013. He earned his name by surviving that brutal winter. Those who have watched Winter over the years hope that he will not have to survive another one but can find a home inside instead.

Most of the other cats that lived with Winter have already found homes or have been just passing through. So now, without feline friends or a human caretaker, he is basically alone.

Winter is a gentle soul. Although he has spent time outside, he could easily make the transition to being a happy house cat if just given the chance. All it takes is patience and understanding. If you have this—and a spare room in which to socialize and keep Winter warm—please contact

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