Friday, May 13, 2016

Filbert and Hazelnut Adoption Update

Filbert and Hazelnut came into foster care 2 years ago at just one week old with their mom Peanut and siblings Pistachio and Butternut. Peanut had given birth to her kittens at a tree farm and a wonderful person working at the farm rounded them all up and brought them to Feline Rescue.

We recently received an adoption update, with lots of great photos, from their mom Kate.

Filbert and Hazelnut are wonderful cats. They enjoy looking out the window; they both run to their perches in the morning when they hear the blinds being opened.

Even though she does the "crazy kitty", bolting around the house and scurrying up her cat tree nearly every evening, Hazel is more reserved than Filbert. He, in contrast, is very social and likes to walk around meowing at anyone who will respond.

They both enjoy scratching their posts, and they use their claws to toss tennis balls in the air. Neither kitty scratches anything other than their posts.

Mostly, they enjoy each others' company. Thankfully, they were adopted together.

Thank you Kate! Feline Rescue foster caregivers, shelter caregivers and supporters love updates!


  1. I adopted their littermates: Pistachio and Anounk (butternut). Anouk is also more reserved and Pistachio is very social meowing/talking to himself and anyone else who will listen.

  2. How nice to have that connection through their humans. I have a mommy and three of her kitties and we are still connected to four litter mates in two household. The distance is greater as one cat group is in AZ now and one in FL and the others in MN. Great bonding!

  3. Your cats are absolutely adorable, thanks for the share.

  4. Thank you SO much for giving these sweet little nuts good homes! They were born here at Kahnke Brothers Tree Farm at a time when we had a bit of a feral cat issue. I have watched many good cats come and go at the farm and that has always tugged at my heart strings. Thanks to feline rescue, I was able to get Peanut and her kitties into good homes. Another kitten (Reggie aka Ingrid Bergmann) who wandered on site was also accepted into Feline Rescue and I adopted our most recent visitor. I am extremely grateful to all of you for helping me with this.


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