Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pistachio and Butternut Adoption Update

In honor of former foster momma cat Peanut's kittens' birthday today, we have another fabulous update for two more of her kittens.

Pistachio's and Butternut's (now Anouk) family saw the update for Hazelnut and Filbert.

We adopted Pistachio and Butternut (now Anouk) almost two years ago. They will turn two on May 17, 2016. We could not be happier with these two amazing kittens. They have brought so much joy to our household.

We adopted Pistachio and Anouk (Butternut) at the start of a huge remodeling project. Both kittens quickly learned how to climb up and down ladders. The house was a kitten paradise/jungle gym. Pistachio made friends with the framers. Pistachio (a good helper) would even sit atop a ladder, remove screws from the box, and drop them on the floor for the framers. Pistachio is quite the talker and enjoys speaking to himself and anyone else who will listen.

His sister Anouk (Butternut) waits for me to come home every day. She is a quiet, gentle kitten who enjoys a soft touch and being praised for all of her good deeds. She follows me around like a little puppy. She is pure sweetness in a kitten body.

Her brother Pistachio is a happy boy who loves everyone. He loves to cuddle. He also enjoys playing with his twisty ties and springs. He likes to share the fun by hiding toys for us in our work bags and shoes, or under rugs for safekeeping.

Anouk loves her sisters and just looking cute for the camera.

They have many good places to sleep and a lot of space to play or watch birds.

Everyone gets along really well. Adopting litter mates is the best, and I highly recommend it.. We are so grateful to Feline Rescue and their volunteers for all of the work they do to rescue kittens, and for all of the joy and happiness those kittens have brought to our household.

Thank you!
Dawn and Curtis

Thank you for all the wonderful photos! Maybe we'll get an update for Peanut next.

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  1. Awesome! These kittens were born at Kahnke Brothers Tree Farm where I work and delivered to Feline Rescue by a very wonderful lady who helped me with another wandering kitten I found last year. Their foster mother, and equally fabulous person, shared your update with me because she knew how much I would appreciate it. I have since adopted another wandering kitten that I found here at work. His name is "Fella Guy" and he is a tuxedo-style cat. He makes every day more enjoyable. Thank you so much for giving good homes to these sweet kitties!!!


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