Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Shiva's story

When Shiva was two months old, she was found alone in a barn by a kind woman who knew she needed immediate care. Shiva had such bad infections in her eyes that both eyeballs had ruptured and were oozing blood and puss. The swelling caused hair loss on her face. It was difficult to look at her. 
After Shiva arrived at Feline Rescue, she visited a veterinary ophthalmologist. He wasn’t sure what her long-term prognosis would be, whether she’d need surgery to remove her eyes or to sew them shut. He could tell that one had had completely lost vision already but thought there might be hope for the other.

Shiva received eyedrops every two hours for several weeks, and then four times a day for several more weeks, in order to fight the infection and to keep her eyes lubricated while they healed. After two months of treatment, Shiva’s eyes are healed up, she has regained some sight in one eye and she will not need surgery. 

When people hear Shiva’s story, they often say “oh, that’s so sad.” But Shiva’s story is one of resilience and perseverance. Despite being abandoned so young and having such serious infections, Shiva is a complete spitfire, afraid of nothing and curious about everything. Her blindness doesn’t deter her  at all and she navigates her world with confidence and excitement. While in foster care, she’s found a great friend in another foster cat a bit older than she is and they are constant wrestling companions.

Thanks to our donors whose financial support allows us to care for serious medical cases like Shiva’s, Shiva now has a long, happy, safe life ahead of her and she’s ready to face it head on!

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