Friday, February 10, 2017

The story of Superfudge

Superfudge came to us with a very delicate issue. To put it politely, he couldn't control his output. Some days, things would just fall out of him. Other days, nothing would come out. Nothing for over a week. During that time, his anus would protrude a good couple of inches past where it should normally be and the skin around it would be grey and purple, a sign that blood was not flowing properly to that area. To get him through this, Superfudge was on a mountain of medicines, had x-rays, an ultrasound, enemas, and even had a manual deobstipation. He had to be force fed to keep up his strength (and weight).

When Superfudge came to us, he was almost 4 months old and weighed just a pound. Four month old kittens should weigh four pounds. He was super tiny. You could feel every bone in his body. His long fur was constantly sticking up in every direction (he had a bad hair day every day). Because he had decaying feces inside him, the smell radiated from his fur. He stunk. He really, really, really stunk. And anything and everyone he touched also stunk. His caregiver referred to the uniquely pungent smell as "Eau de Fudgie." He didn't have any friends. He didn't want to play; he only wanted to cuddle (and none of the other kittens wanted to cuddle with such a ripe guy).
Superfudge was a fighter. He got stronger. And heavier. And older. And these three things together gave him the power to overcome his issues. He's still not 100% (his tushy resembles a baboon's butt right now but that should settle down once the inflamation subsides) but he can consistently get the poop out on his own. Superfudge is now over 5 months old but he looks like he's three months old. His caregiver celebrated the day he reached two pounds. And then three pounds. Now he weighs three and a half pounds! He loves to tear around the house with his best friends Taco and Indu. Yes, you read that right. Friends. He now has friends! He had friends who adore him. Superfudge does everything at high speed. He's got a lot of catching up to do. He eats well. He poops well. He plays well. He loves well. 

Throughout it all, Superfudge purred all the time. He's just a happy guy. Happy to be alive. Happy to be loved. Happy someone was taking care of him. He didn't always love his treatments. But he loves the people who took care of him. Heck, he loves everybody.
Superfudge's story has a happy ending because of the money our supporters donate. We couldn't do it without you! We have some extra generous donors offering to match any donations made in the month of February. It's a great time to donate, and help make sure the next kitten in need gets all the medical care required to get healthy. Supefudge thanks you. 

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