Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Adoption Updates for the Whole Family!

Debbie, one of our fabulous foster volunteers, compiled an adoption update for her entire former foster cat family (momma cat and 5 kittens).

1 year ago today [April 11], a young cat named Ripley gave birth to 5 sweet, adorable little babies at our home thanks to Diane who rescued Ripley from the streets and thanks to Feline Rescue that took her into the foster care program! One year later where are they now?? They are all happy and healthy in their forever homes. Here's a brief update . . .

Beau and Shelby were adopted to a home of a family we have known for many years. They have an older sister cat and in just a few short months they are all happily playing together and sleeping in the family bed at night!


Mabry and Langley (now Mackenzie and Veronica) are in a home where they are loved and adored. The girls are still best friends and made themselves right at home from day 1!

Snelling has a new best friend in a dog! Snellling loves to find toys during the day and leave them in her mom's bed for her to find at night. Snelling is a true Momma's girl!

Ripley has blossomed into a sweet young cat who loves to watch out the windows and appreciates the oppportunity to go outside and stalk birds and bunnies and have a good roll around in the dirt!

Thank you to all the families who adopted Ripley and her kittens for providing them new loving homes. It was an exciting and a little bit worrisome day the kittens were born but Ripley sure knew what she was doing as a first and only time mom!

We love you all -- Ripley, Shelby, Beau, Mabry, Langley and Snelling!

You can view more photos and stories of Debbie's fosters on her Facebook page - Debbie's Foster Kitties.

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