Monday, April 17, 2017

Kitten season is here!

How many of you have been enjoying the mild winter we've had? We've only had few frigid days. And really no snow storms to speak of. You've spent more time outside this winter, haven't you? Well, so too, have randy tomcats. Warmer temperatures mean more kittens. The calendar says it's Spring, but for those of us at Feline Rescue, it's Kitten season.

We are ramping up for our busiest fostering months of the year. We already have had a handful of momma cats taken in Foster care (a couple still waiting to give birth). Last year, we had 6 momma cats give birth in our care during these months; we most likely will have the same (or more) this year. We had forty-two kittens born during Kitten season last year.

We need all the help we can get. What can you do to help? We are in need of the following:


Although new caregivers cannot foster pregnant momma cats (there's SO much to learn about fostering and we've found it can too overwhelming to start with such a critical foster), we are in need of caregivers to take in abandoned kittens, mommas with older kittens, and medical needs cats (like diabetics or injured, ones that will require more vet trips).

Fill out our online foster application


Bottle Feeding - 
Feeding - 
Kitten-safe Litter -
Bedding -

By Robin Holland, Foster  Program Director 

Photos by Kris Kaiser

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