Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mr. Mom Strikes Again

Mr. Mom, a.k.a Groucho, has a new pair of kittens to care for in his foster home.
It all started with Little Guy who ended up being good friends with Groucho.

Then Grace, Groucho would sleep next to her kennel to keep here company.
After Grace, Groucho's foster caregivers started seeing a pattern.  Groucho was being a companion to cats who had special needs or was taking care of young kittens and making all new fosters feel welcome in the home.
Groucho, now dubbed Mr. Mom, socialized and kept orphaned kittens Emily, Stuart, and Haley squeaky clean.

Groucho played with and occasionally cleaned Phoenix and Brigit when they were not with their mom, Tara.

Groucho is excited again to have two new kittens, Allie and Carter, to bathe and cuddle.

Thanks Groucho for being such a sweet, caring kitty!

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  1. Groucho is certainly a special guy! I hope he can find his forever home with one of his buddies soon :)


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