Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This precious little family has been Feline Rescue's foster system for about a month. Momma cat, Tara, gave birth to 6 kittens sometime in the middle of June but only 2 survived due to neglect. Tara and her kittens were not being provided food or litter in their home and by the time someone intervened the smaller of the 2 surviving kittens, Phoenix, was barely alive. Phoenix, suffering from severe malnutrition, was brought to Feline Rescue's shelter and then rushed to the hospital. After spending a couple days in an incubator, he was reunited with his mom and sister, Brigit, in their new foster home. Tara initially was unable to nurse her babies but after a few days of good food her milk came back and now Brigit and Phoenix are gaining weight easily. Everyone is thriving and both mom and kittens have become quite active and enjoy playing and cuddling with their foster caregivers.

Photos from top to bottom: Phoenix, Brigit, Tara, and all three of them sacked out together!

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  1. What a sad story of little Mummy cat Tara and her kittens, but it looks as if there is going to be a happy ending. They all look so well now. Phoenix and Brigit look really sturdy now. Having the chance to play and be loved must be a new experience for Tara. Well doen to those caregivers!

  2. Phoenix is catching up to his sister! What an adorable family.


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