Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mr. Mom

Three new kittens, Haley, Stuart, and Emily, are now available for adoption that is if you win the approval of Mr. Mom a.k.a. Groucho. Groucho, the kittens' big "brother" in their foster home, has decided that he needs to keep the kittens clean, well-mannered, and well socialized. He waits impatiently outside their bedroom door, pacing and meowing, for them to come out for the day and then proceeds to give them all a quick bath before leading them off to play. The kittens meanwhile weave around his legs, purring, and head butting him.At nap time you may find them all cuddled together, peaceful sleep disrupted only with a swat or bite to a twitching tail. Nap time is also thorough bath time whether the kittens like it or not with a strong white paw firmly holding a kitten for their grooming.

Groucho, a speedy treat eater, has been known on occasion to sneak another kitties food if they are not eating fast enough, but not his kittens. He will generously give up his canned food treat if need beto keep a kitten happy. And as an added bonus he will clean their ears while they eat his treat.

Groucho does have plenty of experience being a selfless friend as he is still Little Guy's best bud and he cared lovingly for Grace until she moved to Home for Life.

If you would like to meet some of the sweetest and best behaved little kittens, you can contact Cathy, 651.230.3263, to schedule an appointment with Groucho's kittens.

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  1. Haley, Stuart and Emily are so lucky to be cared for by Groucho, he's adorable and what a character!


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