Monday, April 27, 2009

Panda's Home!

Dear Rescuers,
I am the lucky "Fishstick" that got adopted a week ago!  My new mom changed my name to Panda!  I guess I resemble one because I'm white and black!
My new home is very big with stairs to run up and down.  I have plenty of places to play hide and seek and more places to rest or sleep!   My mom is very happy too!  We get along so well!  
I'm being very sweet, well-behaved and funny!  I can make my mom laugh!  My mom throws me toys and I can retrieve them for her to continue our game!
I have a little gym which is near a window, so I can exercise and listen to the birds at the same time!  
The food is great too, but I don't like to be brushed!
Sending lots of purrs and tiny mews!

Thank you for rescuing "Fishstick"  (aka Panda Baer).  I can't believe she waited for me to choose her before someone else did!  She's my perfect kitty!
M. Baer

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