Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best Buds in their New Home

Little Guy and Groucho (see Be Mine, Best Friends, Mr. Mom, Mr. Mom Strikes Again, The Magic Bed,) are enjoying their own home. They found their special person and traveled home end of February in the middle of a snow storm. They are still adjusting to their two new housemates, Silk and Suede, two gorgeous eleven year olds who are wondering where these two young guys came from. And their human mom Jodi has been patiently assisting with the transition. A good example that it sometimes takes many months to integrate new kitties into a household that already has cats.

After a couple days:
They seem to be adapting very well. They are no longer “hiding” when I enter the bedroom – I usually find Little Guy on the very top of the cat tree and Groucho has been lounging in the blue bed that you brought over with them.

Two weeks:
I cannot believe how much Groucho has “come alive” since he has been with me…he is quick to play with any of the toys, he really loves the “cat dancer” that I have. I’m amazed at how high he can jump while playing, he really is strong! I occasionally hear Groucho and Little Guy playing and wrestling at night.

One month:
You will be happy to hear that both Little Guy and Silk slept with me most of the night last night. At one point they were both down at the foot of the bed together – ok so they each had their own corner. Neither of them hissed or batted at the other which is a huge improvement. Groucho decided to sleep on the ottoman opposite of the bed. I did not see Suede last night so I assume that she spent the night upstairs on the sofa or the chair – either way she was probably facing the back of the furniture with her back out as if to say “leave me alone!”

I do find that the hissing and occasional batting at each other lessens the longer that they are together. So the weekends have been much calmer. But, the weeknights can be hit and miss. Some nights they are ok and others are a bit tense. Last weekend went so smoothly that I was tempted to leave them together Monday before my flight but I decided not to risk it even for a few hours. But, last night they were ok for about an hour or so until treat time – then we had a few disagreements. After about 15 or 20 minutes of keeping an eye on them to ensure we didn’t have any fur flying they were ok again.

Six weeks:
I can’t believe that it has been almost six weeks since the boys came home, where has the time gone! As you know the last six weeks have been filled with many highs and lows. Slowly but surely things have been getting better. The boys have adjusted very well to their new home; I am still separating them from Silk and Suede when I am out of the house since Suede is really having a difficult time adjusting to her new siblings.

Silk seems to be adjusting much better than Suede. He very rarely hisses at the boys, unless of course Groucho “pounces” on him to play. Groucho usually does this while Silk is sleeping or has his back turned to him which will send Silk flying into the air and “meowing” very loudly and irritated.
I usually have both Silk and Little Guy sleeping with me at night. Not always at the same time….but they are the two that I will find cuddled up with me. Little Guy refuses to use the stairs to get up on my bed. I’m not quite sure why that is. When the stairs were at the foot of the bed, he would to climb up by the head of the bed, which is where Silk usually sleeps. This of course would scare Silk and he would go flying off the bed. So, I moved the stairs to the head of the bed to make it easier for everyone (myself included), but now Little Guy is climbing up by the foot of the bed. I can’t seem to win!

Two months:
I just wanted to give you an update on the boys. They are both doing very well and adjusting to their new home. I am still keeping them in their bedroom when I am not home. I have occasionally left them out if I had a quick errand to run or was outside in the yard.

Here are a few recent photos…

Groucho checking out Silk napping in his favorite box

Groucho chillin’ on the sofa (he loves to sleep in these odd positions – gotta love it!)

My favorite photo of Little Guy……finally he isn’t moving as I try to take the photo or get an odd reflection/color in his eyes.

Suede “hiding” from the boys – she keeps hoping they won’t find her here.

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