Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yin Yang fka Hope

After being found in south east Minnesota thin, sick (FIV+), and strayed, Hope is no longer hoping for a safe, loving home. Renamed Yin Yang, she has found her people and has settled into her home. The following is an update from her family.

My wife and I adopted Hope (now called Yin Yang) in mid-February and thought you might appreciate an update. She is doing very well!

She loves having a whole house to herself and two people to adore her. She enjoys sitting in the sun (or in front of a heating vent), attacking her scratching post, waking us up when it's time to be fed, watching us make dinner, and playing with an empty roll of tape or any other found object.

Paul and Wendy


  1. I'm so happy to see her! I was the one who fostered her last fall and it was heartbreaking to bring her back. (We had to go to France.)
    while she was with us she went from being very sick and scrawny, and rather timid, to a calm little being full of affection and eventually playfulness. It was fantastic seeing her getting healthy and happy again. I really wanted to adopt her, but right now I'm going backwards and forwards across the Atlantic every few months and it's just not safe for a delicate little cat like her to travel like that.
    Please post more pictures sometime!

  2. PS We called her Hobo, but I think Yin Yang is a great name.


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