Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gandalf & Coyote


I am finally getting around to sending you the pictures I promised. The two have grown quite a bit. They're both just over 8 lbs, with Gandalf being rather tall and sleek and masculine and Coyote is still very feminine but not as sleek. We're trying to keep her from getting too round ;)

They absolutely love my large fish tank and the fish have finally decided not to freak out EVERY time the cats come to check them out. They also like to play with the laser pointer, feather toy, sparkly ball, furry mouse toy, and watch TV.
Coyote is earning her name by being the more wiley of the two. She has recently decided that darting out into the hallway as we're leaving for work is a way to get us to pay more attention to her rather than leaving for work. I have never seen such a bold cat. It's a good thing we live in an apartment building on the third floor so she can't escape immediately.

Gandalf likes to headbutt books out of hands because they get in the way of HIS attention. Not that he wants to necessarily be petted at the moment. He just wants to make sure that we're available when he does.

So, it appears as though they've successfully taken control of both us and the apartment with little trouble.


The picture of the two of them was taken July 30.
The individual photos were taken in mid-June not long after adopting them.

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