Monday, August 16, 2010

Rocky, Adrian and Their Canine Friend Dakota

Rocket fka Rocky, a kitten rescued through Feline Rescue's outreach program, and Adrian, the last of the Vikings kittens whose mom Duchess came to us through Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, became friends in foster care and went home together last weekend.

We've received the following great updates from their new family. Introductions to their new (and first) canine friend Dakota are going very well.

Sunday, August 8
They are busy exploring my laundry room. I put down some soft blankets and towels. And they both have already eaten some food.

I've got a couple of pictures for you---sorry for the "bathroom" pictures but it's the only time they slow down enough for a picture. Rocky is completely fascinated with the camera strap so I've got a few extreme closeups of his face. The last picture blur -Rocky launching himself off of the carpeted cat cube.

Thanks for letting me adopt Rocky and Adrian. They are very sweet cats.

Tuesday, August 10
They had a great time tonight (Tuesday). Rocky jumped over the baby gate and proceeded to walk under Dakota. Rocky and Dakota sat at opposite ends of my couch and watched a large wild rabbit from the 2nd floor window. I'm not sure who was more interested. Adrian stayed behind the babygate. She got tired out with the fish pole toy.

Both are doing well.

Sunday, August 15
Rocket and Adrian are doing well. Rocket is fearless as you can see from the first photo. He has already swatted Dakota's tail a few times (Dakota is used to cats doing this). He has tried to get into the fridge, the dryer, the shower and anything else that is available. The window bird feeder is his favorite spot especially when the chickadees fly in and out.

Dakota and Rocky

Adrian has started to explore the house a little more. A few scraps of turkey plus play time upstairs has helped. The 2nd photo was taken a few minutes after the first. I put Dakota into a down/stay whenever Adrian is around and that helps. When turkey is available she doesn't even notice Dakota.

Dakota's paws, Rocky, and Adrian

I'll send a picture of Rocket by the bird feeder if he ever sits still enough.


Adrian's mom Duchess is still looking for her forever home. If you would like to learn more about her, please call Joan at 651-705-6264.

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