Friday, October 29, 2010

Injured Cat Rescued from Dumpster

Update: Cody has a foster home!

Feline Rescue volunteers have been working in a trailer park to make life better for the large number of stray cats living in and around the dumpsters. Outreach volunteers have been providing food for the cats and kittens and trapping cats to spay and neuter and administer needed vaccines and medication. Life in the dumpsters is dangerous. Cats can get injured from broken glass or other sharp objects, collapsing trash, caught limbs, etc.

This past Wednesday volunteers found a young male cat, who they named Cody. Cody was in pain walking on his wrist. He was taken to the animal hospital Thursday morning. Doctors there determined that he has been suffering from multiple breaks in his right front leg. The injuries are a few months old with breaks in the upper arm bone and the joint, muscle mass in the leg has decreased, bone has calcified on the wrist he was walking on, and the wrist is flexed back now. Cody is only about a year old so he's most likely been suffering with the injury 1/4 of his life.

Cody will need surgery and then a foster home for recovery. If you can help with Cody's care, please contact Joan at 651-705-6264, visit or click the "Donate" button to the right of this post.

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