Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two Gems Settle in Again

In the spring of 2006, I fostered a pregnant mom cat named Paris Hilton and her kittens were called the Gems: two orange, Garnet and Ruby, four white, Smudge (gray spot on head), Pearl, Opal and Sapphire (for his gorgeous blue eyes), and one black, Diamond.

LITTLE GEMSAll found homes that summer, but this spring Garnet and Sapphire who had gone to a home together were reluctantly returned to Feline Rescue following a divorce and move by their owner.

GARNET & SAPPHIRE KITTENSThey were at the shelter for a short time before someone noticed the beautiful pair and adopted them. I just happened to be at the shelter the day they were adopted and was so pleased they were staying together. I can't tell you how happy I was to receive this update on them today.

SAPPHIRE/BEAUGARNET/SOPHIEWay back in April, I was lucky enough to bring home two beautiful, sweet cats from Feline Rescue. Garnet and Sapphire settled right in after the first few weeks, and once we found out it would be okay to change their names, my roommates dubbed them Sophie and Beau. They are happy, healthy, and delightful!

SAPPHIRE/BEAU & GARNET/SOPHIEGARNET/SOPHIE & SAPPHIRE/BEAULittle Sophie loves to curl up and nap at the foot of my bed all day long, and I think she's secretly the boss of Beau even those she's tiny. Beau likes chasing bugs and waking me up for snuggles early in the morning, and sometimes I come home to find him burrowed under my blankets!

SAPPHIRE/BEAU HIDINGI couldn't have asked for two sweeter companions, and I'm so grateful to Feline Rescue for the hard work you do and for helping to bring these wonderful cats into my life. Some photos are attached if you'd like to see what the kitties have been up to since they left the adoption center.

Thanks again, I hope all is well,

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