Friday, September 16, 2011

Injured Kitten - Foster Homes Needed

This little guy was found on a road injured and brought to our shelter yesterday morning. He's doing well at the vet clinic receiving pain medication as they determine the extent of his injuries.

In the past couple days Feline Rescue has had quite a few emergency intakes at a time when the foster program was already stretched to its limits.

We currently have 10 kittens that we need to find foster homes for. Eight 2 month old kittens found by a volunteer outside the shelter crammed into a small, unventilated box Wednesday afternoon (we have a foster home for two of the eight), this 7 week old kitten brought to the shelter injured after being found on the side of the road yesterday morning, a 4 month old kitten and a 6 month old kitten found starving and injured in an empty apartment, and a 6 to 8 week old kitten found in the parking lot of the shelter last night.

If you can help by fostering kittens, please contact Joan at 651-705-6264.


  1. Paws crossed for new foster families!!! We are full up here (are a little far away - MOL)

  2. Fortunately all of the emergency intake kittens have found foster homes. But very unfortunately Baxter (this little guy) passed away shortly after we posted his story. His internal injuries were too severe despite every effort to save him by the dedicated veterinary hospital staff.

  3. can people from northern Minnesota foster kittens from Feline Reacue?

    1. Thanks for you interest. For more information about fostering, check the Foster Care FAQs, You would need to be able to bring the kittens to Feline Rescue's primary vet clinic in St. Paul and have them available for adoption to people located in the Twin Cities area.


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