Monday, September 26, 2011

Three of the Box of Nine

We've been referring to a recent group of rescued kittens as the Box of Nine even though only seven were actually found crammed in that small, unventilated box. One of the nine was found crying next to the box and the ninth kitten was found the next day on the other side of the Feline Rescue shelter parking lot. They were all very sick and thin and spent most of a week at the vet clinic. They're doing much better and gaining weight and have all moved to foster homes.

Following is an update for one group who are in foster together.

Monkey is the little scamp with a bit of tabby but a white chest and a white wish-bone shape above his nose. He LOVES being petted and will climb all over you for attention! He is also very curious and wants to see what is outside the world of the den!

Joey is the grey tabby - he is so playful and loves to cuddle, especially with his sister! He just started warming up and now loves to be petted. He can often be found just chilling out, sitting on the footstool or in the hidey-bed.

Spectra is the lovely calico - she is a little more reserved but she also started letting us pet her. She likes to sleep in the carier on her little pink blankey but she also will come out to get attention and play with her brothers!

They're all little purr machines! They are eating very well (wet food is their favorite!).

A big thanks to the volunteers who stepped forward to provide foster homes for these kittens!


  1. Boo to people who leave animals in boxes!!!!

    We are glad these babies are safe - and once again discovering that people are OK. :)

  2. They are adorable! I love the picture of the three tails at the plate.


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