Sunday, December 4, 2011

Skater Girls Update

Cossette fka Peggy and Emilie fka Dorothy have settled in to their forever home and are bonding with the older kitties in the home. These cute girls started off in foster care as orphaned babies with their sister Sonja.  Following is the latest update from their family.

Naomi and the kittens are getting along really well. They spend a lot of time together. We got a giant play tube from IKEA (meant for children). The kittens love playing with the tube. One kitten will be inside the tube and the other will play with them from the outside. Sometimes they are all in the tube.

Cossette likes to find things. She was taking the drain out of the bathroom sink and bringing it to the living room each day. She also likes looking for potpourri, pine cones, and other small objects she can carry around in her mouth. Then she will try to hide her treasures under a blanket.

Emilie likes to be as high as possible. She is very athletic and smart. She has decided that she likes to be under blankets and will try to climb under any blanket she can find. She likes to be held though or push her golf ball around at night. She also likes to sit on books in bookcases. Of course, no one can see her on the bookcase or on the fireplace mantel or on the counter top.

I am so glad we adopted the kittens. Naomi used to just sit in her chair all day and I think she was depressed. She seems so much happier now. She has friends to play with and keep her company now. Our other cat Penelope loves people but is a loner when it comes to cats. She seems to enjoy watching the kittens and the kittens seem to like having a big cat to cuddle up to.

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