Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Fun Cuddly Little Boys

About three months ago nine very thin, sick kittens, affectionately called The Box of Nine, were abandoned in our shelter parking lot.  This group of kittens have been through quite a lot.  They  had multiple extended stays at our vet clinic.  And they lost their sibling Skittles, the smallest and sickest of the kittens, who passed away despite everyone's best efforts.  Now thanks to the veterinary staff and caring foster homes, five handsome little boys are ready to find their own homes.

Rocket, Yoda and Wolfgang are together in one foster home.

And Toby and Marshmallow are together in a second foster home.

If you are interested in meeting any of these little boys, contact our foster adoption coordinator Joan at 651-705-6264.


  1. Great photos! I wrote a article on tax deductions for those who foster stray or feral cats & dogs at

  2. Hello from NJ! I am a pet photographer and cat rescue volunteer. I am also a cat owner. I am always doing my best to promote cat rescue and the respect for feral cats. Great blog!

  3. Love the cat photos in your blog.

    I have 4 cats of my own. One I rescued from the streets and has cancer. The other 3 cats came from shelters. If you read my last comment and go into the article fostering cats & dogs your volunteers can save valuable money that can be used on the homeless cats. Any questions on tax deductions for fostering stray cats contact me free of charge.

  4. Hi Again- I love the photographs! I do some free photography work for animal rescue groups. If I were in driving proximity to your group, I would help out! Anyway I wanted to mention that adding video clips to your website and posting the clips to youtube also would help the promotion of the cats. I am starting to do some free videos for the adoptable cats. Even using your cell phone video- ie the IPhone has a very good video feature. Flip video works too. If people can see the cats moving in the video clips it is just another way to showcase the beauty of the cats!

  5. I especially like the picture of the tabby looking up. How do you get the cats to stay still for the photos. My 4 cats are camera shy.


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