Friday, March 9, 2012

BabyCakes Update

BabyCakes first came into rescue as an orphaned kitten at such a young age that we as always in these situations worried that she would make it.  But she was such a healthy, strong little girl she had no problems and with her sweet personality won the hearts of all who met her including both cats and people.

BabyCakes recently found her forever home and we've of course received a wonderful update from her family.

BabyCakes is doing great! Oliver was so excited to meet her when we first brought her home (as you can see in the photo) but we gave her the guest room for a while for everyone to acclimate. Now, Oliver and BabyCakes are playing and even napping together (see attached photo). Audrey, our older Siamese, has adjusted better than we thought too. Audrey still likes her space now and then but she hasn't seemed too threatened at all.

Oliver checking out BabyCakes under the door

BabyCakes has found a few favorite places to nap in our home: in her own basket in Bryan's office, and with Oliver in my reading chair. She will meet our vet for the first time this Friday for a check up.

Oliver and BabyCakes


  1. happy updates...Oliver and Baby Cakes are both beautiful

  2. awwwwww - she is adorable (love those house panthers) and we LOVE happy endings!!

  3. Great photos -- Happy family!!


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