Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Gracie Update

Gracie was recently adopted from our shelter and has been amazing her new family with her unique feline intelligence.

Dear Feline Rescue,

...we just wanted to let you know that Gracie has been having a blast living with us!

She took a while getting used to people, since she had been on the streets, but now she comes out even when we have company, abandoning her closet (which is her blanketed kingdom of seclusion) to purr and stretch in blatant invitation of attention. My poor chairs never feel unloved, as their carpeted scratching perfection entices Gracie way more than cat-nip rubbed scratching posts.

Gracie loves to have her belly rubbed, she'll flop down as soon as you start petting her, and absolutely loves being brushed. She's also rather fond of the bathroom--for some reason the bathtub is a source of endless wonderment, and she'll hop into the shower with me, always careful to stay in the steamy but dry portion as I stand immobilized, blocking the water from hitting her lest she become sad and soaked. She loves to curl up into the most adorable ball in my sink while I do my makeup, and our permanently dripping faucets end up bathing her. I think it's probably nice, since she can't always lick and groom her back, so I let the water and petting make up for that. The toilet flush always merits her running in to see the whirlpool--I hope she never figures out how to flush!

And my is Gracie smart! With laser pointers, she's amused for about 2 minutes before she just starts to stare at you, knowing that the little tube in your hand is what causes her anguish. She'll continue playing, but she makes sure you know that she knows what's up. She also is deadly vicious with toys--she knows to go straight for the string, the connection between the head of the beast and it's body of control.

Everyone who meets her loves her--and why wouldn't they? Gracie is absolutely the sweetest, most beautiful, most intelligent cat I've ever met. Thank you so much for taking care of her and allowing us to have a new friend.

Thanks again, and best wishes,
Alice & James & Gracie

Thank you Alica and James for giving Gracie a home!


  1. I love happy updates! :) Congrats on your great new life Gracie!

  2. What a fantastic cat and lovely owners!


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