Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tippie - One Eye Doesn't Stop the Playin'!

Tippie is a one year old cat in foster care. She has a big heart, extra toes, and only one eye.

Tippie lost one of her eyes earlier this year due to a virus she picked up during her time on the streets. She does not let this stop her! She is a dancing and playing machine. She loves to play with string. She loves to play with catnip toys. She loves to play with her ball in a track contraption. She loves to play! When she is not playing, she likes to help her foster humans cook dinner. She's an expert chef and even bigger expert in tasting.

Check out Tippie's latest video - playtime fun!

Tippie is not currently ready to be adopted. She's still adjusting to life with one eye. However, if you are interested in adopting this special needs kitty when she's ready to move to her forever home, you can contact Cathy@ Feline Rescue: 651-230-3263


  1. She looks like such a sweetie! Special Needs pets are the best!...what am I saying? They're ALL the best! :)

  2. awww - what a cutie. One of our local rescues has a one-eyed cat named Mathias who thinks he is part flying squirrel - and rarely misses when he launches himself at the unsuspecting!! We know she will adjust in no time and be ready for her forever home!!


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