Monday, September 24, 2012

Friendship After Loss

A couple of months ago, we took in three kittens that were part of a large group of orphaned kittens rescued in the spring.  Chip, Winnie, and Lili enjoyed romping around the house together and were often found snuggling in a kitten pile.  Sadly, Winnie and Lili were never quite healthy, and both passed away recently.   We miss them dearly but are grateful for Chip’s cheerful presence in the house.   Little “Chipper” is healthy and thriving.

Since the loss of his sisters, Chipper has attached himself particularly to our adult foster cat, Buddy.  Buddy spent the first year of his life living outside so didn’t enjoy a carefree kittenhood.  But through his friendship with little Chipper, Buddy is experiencing kittenhood all over again.

Although Buddy has always gotten along well with other cats, he has never had a friend quite like Chip. Buddy and Chip chase each other up and down the halls, wrestle, and play hide-and-seek.    They snuggle in our laps together.  Buddy even lets Chipper “nurse” on him.

Chipper is a sweet kitten and would be happy to be adopted to live with any young cat  and people who would play and snuggle with him.   But wouldn’t it be great if Chipper and Buddy could find a home together?  Buddy is about three years old and has been waiting for his forever home for a while now.   Because of his background, Buddy is shy of new people and situations at first.  Once Buddy warms up to you, he is a joy to have around.  You won’t meet two nicer cats.

If you are interested in meeting Buddy and Chip call Molly at 651-295-3758.

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  1. What a wonderful pair....we hope that someone steps up and takes them both home!!


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