Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Help for Fluffy and Skittles

**Note, these are not Feline Rescue cats, but we're posting this as a courtesy to their rescuer because we want them to find great homes!

Fluffy and Skittles were born outside to a stray and injured mom.  Some kind folks rescued the mom, got her medical attention, and found her a loving home.  Then they set about capturing the kittens.  Fluffy and Skittles are now neutered, well-socialized, and ready to go to a loving home.

Unfortunately their rescuers can no longer keep Fluffy and Skittles so feel they have no choice but to send them to live with a relative back outside, where they will receive food, water, and shelter.  But this is not ideal for such sweet, young boys, who are now used to living in a home with people.

Fluffy and Skittles are a bit shy with new people but sweet and outgoing with their caretakers.  They will warm up quickly in a new home.  They would do best to go to a home together, as they have always been together and love to snuggle, wrestle, and play. If you can help give these kitties the indoor lives they deserve, please email

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