Thursday, September 20, 2012

Charlotte and Amelia: Homes at Last!

Over two years ago, I took in a pregnant mom cat, Charlotte, from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue who soon had four kittens. Three of the four kittens were adopted within a few months, but no one chose Charlotte or Amelia. It was the longest I ever had had foster cats and the longer they stay, the harder it is to let them go. However, I could not continue fostering if I adopted them myself and I knew they deserved more attention in their own home.

CHARLOTTEThen I heard from one of my former Feline Rescue adopters (of my kitten Eloise) that she was looking for a cat for her mother. The two of them drove over and fell in love with Charlotte. Apparently, she made herself right at home:

Charlotte and I are doing just fine. I think she likes me. She follows me everywhere and slept with me from the first night. K~ and I are both surprised. Right now she's sitting on the desk next to the computer. Anyway, shes doing just great and she says to say Hi to Amelia and Gilligan and the rest of the gang.

Thanks again,
Charlotte's doing fine. Still sticking to me like glue...although I have noticed she's not quite as dependent as the first week or so. Still haven't introduced her to Eloise yet....maybe one of these days....... Poor Amelia. Hopefuly one of these days, she'll get her forever home and have different things to think about other than " Where has my Mom gone to?"

Have a good day ...... Charlotte sitting next to me and meowing. Must be saying Hello to you and the gang!!!!!


Another couple months went by without a home for Amelia and I decided to give her a chance at the Feline Rescue Shelter where more people would see her. Feline Rescue has agreed to take in two cats from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue at the shelter to help them find homes, so when there was a spot to fill, I took Amelia there. I've never suffered so over a decision for a foster cat. She had been there a couple of weeks when I stopped to visit and learned that she might be getting adopted that day with another cat from the shelter named Gilligan. Well, I've had a cat named Gilligan for ten years, so I took that as a sign and spoke briefly with the adopters. Time passed and I was so anxious for an update that I contacted them and got this great news:
I'm so glad to hear from you as we had such a short time to meet at the shelter. I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. I have loved having the summer off to bond with the kitties but am starting to gear up to go back to school.

I am happy to report that Amelia seems to be happy in her new home. My husband and I don't have kids or other pets so she and Gilligan are our only 'children'. We love them so much though it has been an interesting transition. Amelia is so much an alpha female, since she crossed the threshold, she has definitely been the boss. As a result, with Gilligan being a shy boy, we set up a screen door between the first and second levels of our house so they could sniff and view each other but have slow physical introduction. I so wish I had a photo of the night when Amelia decided she'd had enough and wanted to meet Gilligan so she climbed our modified screen door and made her way over!

GILLIGAN AND AMELIASince then, they have gotten to be fast friends and even snuggle and have taken to sleeping together, as well as playing, chasing and eating together. I'm a bit surprised but thrilled that they are getting along so well, so quickly. I've attached a few photos of her/them for you. Please know she's in good hands and that I'll be sure to send photos and updates about her.

L~ and B~

FINALLY, happy endings for the whole family (and me!)

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  1. OMC - that is so amazing!!!! We love hearing great adoption and follow up stories! Concats to Charlotte, Amelia and their new families.


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