Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chipmunks turn 6!

Six years ago, I fostered a litter of five brown tabby kittens that were known as the Chipmunks. Their names were Chip, Dale, Alivinia or Alvie, Simon, and Theodora. Chip's new name is Nelson and I hear from his adopter every year at least on his birthday. She also discovered that sister Alvie is now the Calhoun Pet Supply Store cat! I'd love to hear from the adopters of the other siblings, too :-)

UDPATE FROM ADOPTER OF CHIP / NELSON:Nelson (aka Chip from the chipmunks) was 6 years old on June 1st along with his biological littermate Alvie who is the Calhoun Pet Supply store cat. Nelson is now thriving after some issues with his behavior centered around his food. Alvie is also doing very well and as you can see looks very much like her brother Nelson. Alvie is a bit larger than Nelson and has classic tabby stripes where Nelson has circles, spots, and stripes. As you know they were very close as kittens and while I wanted to adopt Alvie I could not because I already had other cats. I’m so happy to have found Alvie and to know she is living large and happy, I visit her on a regular basis and obviously take photos of her. 
Feline Rescue is a wonderful place, foster parents like you are amazing and provide an ongoing support for the cats they have adopted. As you know Nelson was having some significant behavioral issues. The symptoms included rolling skin, severe twitching of his skin, chasing his tail and biting it until he would hurt himself, and acting aggressively towards my other 2 cats and me.
After visiting my vet I reached out to you as his former foster mom and found a wealth of information and was put in touch with another great woman who through speaking with Nelson, enlightening me as to why he was possibly behaving the way he was, and suggesting dietary changes has made him into a different cat who is now calm and loving.
Without you and Feline Rescue Nelson would have been miserable, he was not comfortable in his own skin and now he seems so much happier.

Thank you so much Denise and Feline Rescue!

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