Monday, July 22, 2013

Lily and Mauley Update

Lily and Mauley have a new kitten friend, Indy, after moving with their family to North Carolina. Lily and Mauley (Gracie) had been abandoned at our shelter with their sisters Athena and Ellie and then cared for in our foster program before finding a home together. You can see their previous blog post for some photos shortly after being adopted.

Clockwise from top: Indy, Ushi, Mauley and Lily

It has been about 3 years since we took home Lily and Mauley (fka Gracie) and I thought that we should update you guys.

We have moved from MN to NC recently and both kitties did really well during the move. They are settled in and love it here too (a house with many windows and lots of wildlife outside helps!) We also have a new addition to our family that was got from Second Chance Rescue here in NC. His name is Indy and he is now about 5 months old (about the same age that Lily and Mauley were when we adopted them!)

Lily is friendly as ever and we believe that she thinks she is people. When we have friends over for board games, she insists that we pull up a stool or chair so that she can sit on it and watch (and of course get lots of pats from everyone). Every morning we have a ritual that she runs down the stairs and lays down on a specific rug for her "rug snuggles" before breakfast. She loves to play with little mice toys and her cat whack-a-mole and often insists on attention my gently clawing our arms if we are busy with something else. We, of course, immediately pet her and give her snuggles. She has put on some weight, and surprised us at what a gigantic cat she has become. Hopefully the new kitten will help her shed some pounds.

Mauley is still very wary of strangers but is a very loving kitty when we are alone with her. She rolls over and exposes her warm, soft belly for belly rubs. She has been known to tear through the house at 3am playing with crinkly balls. She likes it when we throw them up onto the second floor balcony so she can run up there, then bat them down the stairs to our feet. She then leaves her crinklies at our feet and meows until we throw it again. She has taken to Indy very well and snuggles with him at night. I think they are turning into best buddies who then run all over the house like a herd of elephants at 3am playing together.

Thank you, again, for taking such good care of them and fostering them well for us. We have enjoyed their company and they are certainly our little furry babies. (read: spoiled little kitties).

Laura and Charlie

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