Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Update on Tristan/Oliver

Well, it's been one year since we brought Oliver to his forever home, and we're still as much in love with him as we were when he was a little kitten.
He's a handsome boy, and is healthy and happy. He just had his annual checkup, and the vet said that if he could have a cat (his wife is allergic), he'd want one just like Oliver. 

 This kitty has so many endearing qualities. When Gary and I sit down in the family room, Ollie races in to his window perch -- he wants to be where we are. I still get "lovings" in the morning, but it's a bit more restrained now. No more drooling, so no soggy nightgowns! 

 He also comes up to me in bed every morning to suggest that it might be breakfast time. He gets his head scratched, then goes to the foot of the bed and curls up until I get out of bed. He's a lot more patient that his predecessors! 

 We play together a lot, and he rotates through favorite toys. My mom just gave him a little mouse that looks pretty real and he *adores* it! He's a pretty good little mouser, and has already nailed a couple of the real ones in our basement. Yay, Ollie! 

 He also has some funny quirks, in particular, his love of "sand baths." I finally decided to fill another litter box with clean litter, to remove that "ick" factor! The sand bath box comes out every day while I clean his litter box. He rolls and flips in it, and has a wonderful time! 
 He's a happy little kitty, and we're so very, very glad that he came to us. Many thanks again for rescuing him, fostering him and giving him to us. We couldn't be happier!

Kathy, Oliver's Mom

(In the photos, Oliver was having fun with a big box.)

Oliver (formerly known as Tristan) came to Feline Rescue foster care from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Read his kitten story in his first blog post here.

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