Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cambridge Cats Still Seeking Forever Homes

Many of the 67 cats rescued in the spring from a foreclosed property have found permanent homes. But a few are still waiting. These are all sweet cats that just require a little extra time and patience while they come out of their shells.

Petunia and Posey: Petunia was in rough shape after being rescued. Frighteningly thin and with a damaged eye, she was one that I didn't think would make it. But today she is robust and playful. Petunia would love to be adopted with her pal Posey. They get along great with other cats too.

Ebony and Tucker: These beautiful cats like to hang out with their foster family. They do like petting and attention but just aren't ready to ask for it on their own. They are looking for someone who is willing to work on that. Tucker and Ebony both like to play. Look how cute they are!

Marlin and Luca: During the rescue efforts, Marlin was the comfort cat that all the girls liked to snuggle with when they were scared and unsure about what was going on. Marlin often has a big hiss for you when he's feeling scared. But he doesn't mean anything by it and is really just a big baby. Once he gets to know you, Marlin loves to purr and will head-butt your hand for more and more pets. His girlfriends Turnip, Trix, and Pele have all found homes. He would love to find a home with Luca. Or they each get along well with other cats too. At the adoption center, they are still quite shy. But in their foster homes, they were both friendly and playful. They prefer a quieter environment.

Tigerlily's devoted foster family helped her transition from a shy mother raising kittens in a barn to a cherished indoor pet who delights in petting and attention.

Libby was the last cat on the property to be caught. She lived outside on her own and resisted our traps for almost 2 months before she finally agreed to come along. Libby still has a lot of progress to make. She loves other cats and she loves food and can be petted while she's eating. It's heartwarming to watch Libby as she chases a toy mouse around the house or lounges in the sun with the other cats. I'm so grateful that we didn't have to leave her behind!

 For information on fostering or adopting these cats, call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

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