Thursday, October 1, 2015

Gabby Gabrielle

Feline Rescue received this plea back in August:  
There is currently a young mother cat at PUPS in Maple Grove. A rescue took her kittens, but left her behind and now she is on the euthanasia list. This just breaks my heart, especially as I have a super soft spot for torties and calicos. It is reported that she is not feral, but shy and needs socialization.
I am willing to foster, but I cannot pull her from the pound because only an approved rescue group can do that. I know that separating kittens and mothers unfortunately happens all the time, but this one is just tugging at my heartstrings and I want to do something.
Any assistance or advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your consideration.

Feline Rescue was happy to help out, especially since Heather was a skilled, experienced foster caregiver and we also disapprove of the practice of rescuing kittens and leaving behind the mom cat.

She is coming along nicely. Still shy, but is trusting people more and more each week. She likes other cats and is not afraid of the dogs. I named her Gabrielle or Gabby for short. She is my little Gabby girl and she talks every time I see her. she really is a super sweet tiny little girl.

Looks like she has a calico friend in foster care, too!

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